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Designing Robust Farm Software

I was brought onto Freight Farms in January 2016 as a UX Designer. Freight Farms is the the creator of the ‘container farm’, which aims to improve access of sustainable and local food and empower citizens to grow their own crops.

My primary challenge at Freight Farms was to develop the user experience and visual language of Farmhand, a tool used to analyze and manage the climate of the hydroponic container farms to optimize and perfect crops.

Our team performed in-person user testing utilizing prototypes and mockups to develop a roadmap for Farmhand. We developed three separate products for Farmhand: Farmhand Connect—the iOS app, Farmhand Web—the web app, and Farmhand Desktop—the desktop app.

Learning to Code

In my design sprints, I realized that the development team did not have enough bandwidth to complete their work—we were churning out designs much faster than they could be developed. As a result, I independently learned to write production code in React, React native, and Electron, in order to help development build our suite of products.

Once learning production code, I began managing both the UX design and the front end—designing and gathering insights, and then codifying the designs. I continued this design/build duality in my next position at Hometap.

Farmhand Screens

Farmhand Screen Map

Farmhand 01

Farmhand 02

Farmhand 03

Farmhand 04

Farmhand 05

Farmhand 06

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